Good business can change the world

Success is a measure of performance and if a person is serious about achieving a goal, then commitment and vision are qualities needed to overcome the challenge ahead – so your journey can unfold.

My journey with #hexology has been profound, and it has only just begun. I started with a vision of how to encourage mindfulness and well-being in others by creating life-changing experiences that are shared through digital technology. The first step was to build an app that empowers people with an ability to share rich multimedia messages in the physical world.

New Media Technology is a Pandora’s box, dazzled and overwhelmed by the wave of new skills, ideas and possibilities, my transition from Film-maker to Film & New Media Entrepreneur has been a challenge. I’ve had to develop new skills, change my beliefs, thinking and behaviour to meet the demands of the new role.

I’m lucky because I have great mentors and a great team around me, and whenever anyone has said “it’s just business” they’re trying to sell me a lie because “business is personal.”


Good business can change the world!


Created to empower people with a voice and control over the social media they publish, #hexology is made up of a team who are working together to bring this vision to life and soon we will take our next big step in the hope that we too will change the world.

We have created #hex, a beacon that can store a message and broadcast it in a 20 metre radius. Using our free app simply compose a message and send it to #hex and it will broadcast it to others who are nearby. Over the next few weeks I’ll be showing you ways you can use this technology in everyday life.

As part of our launch, we’re planning a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the money we need to manufacture a first order of the hex beacon.

We believe hexology has the potential to change the world for the better, please help us spread the word by joining our campaign and we’ll keep you updated via email.

Success is not just about natural ability, it’s about teamwork, passion, confidence, vision and determination to achieve a goal, and change the world.


Join #hexology and let’s shape the future together!


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