Value Proposition under a minute

With only 10 seconds to hook a reader, a further 10 seconds to engage their interest and then a minute to make your point, you have to present everything you offer quickly – whilst you have a chance. So begin with a statement that gives promise of the value you deliver and why they should stick with you!

Crafting a value proposition is a skill that can be taught and at #hexology we’ve been working with UX Designer Andy Parker of We Are AFK to refine #hexology’s value proposition – the result has become the backbone that will define everything we do.

A value proposition is not a slogan, nor a position statement (8 of 10 cats prefer Felix), instead it should however show how your product solves a problem or improves a situation, and what specific benefits a customer can expect.

  1. The statement is crafted in four parts
  2. Identify who your product is for
  3. State the activity they do
  4. Define your product
  5. Specify what your product does

Here’s an example:

For non-technical marketers who struggle to find return on investment in social media, our product is a web-based analytics software that translates engagement into actionable revenue.

It’s a structure that funnels the reader to a realise a concise insight that will help them understand exactly what you do!

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To find out about how #hexology used this theory to craft its value proposition read this –  What we do & how it helps you!


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