Darrel Butlin

Writer, Film Director & Digital Film Artist, who became an Award-Winning Creative Industries Innovator, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO

Hexology is a Geospatial Micro-blogging platform that empowers you to compose a message and post it into objects, spaces and places in the world around you

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Film Portfolio

West Cigarettes | Falcon

Cinema Commercial
West cigarettes commercial for German Cinema; with dynamic action shots and feature film style compositing.

West Cigarettes | Bikecop

Cinema Commercial
West cigarettes commercial for German Cinema; with dynamic action shots and feature film style compositing.

West Cigarettes | Matrix

Cinema Commercial
West cigarettes commercial for German Cinema, featuring a time-slice effect of a man in a future world. Voted No. 1 cinema commercial of 2001.


Cinema Commercial
Atmospheric mountain scenes are composited with watery effects, to produce a cinema commercial for the Walser mineral water.


TV Commercial
Light effects are used to transform 6 rotating dancers, one into the other.


TV Commercial
An archer hits his target, combining e-mail, fax and mobile phone into one number. Used by AVID as a demo / training project.


Beauty Commercial
Migros Beauty campaign for the Migros Jana product range.

Sound | Video Wall

Music Video
Motion Graphics Video for the Sound Video Wall, Leicester Square, London.

d-face Postproduction


Minus 8

Music Video
Runaway Shot on Super 16mm, the clip was produced for the Album “Minuit’. An album which I am also featured as a singer and a songwriter.

Stateside Hombres

Music Video
‘Hardtime Stylee’ tells the story of a group of musicians who plan a robbery that is carried out by a pack of dogs.

Smoke City

Music Video
Featuring Capoiera dancers, this clip was shot using steadycam and treated with artistic filters.

Short Film

Three stories, linked by a penny that’s passed from person to person, their lives woven together through a strange twist of fate. Little does Jerry know that the Bank Clerk is not as honest as he seems. Luck rewards a confident young woman with more than she expected. A cheating husband falls prey to criminals when he is unable to settle his account. All display an aspect of human nature and their relationship with money.

Olegar Fedoro, Simon Poland, Kay Curram, Angus Barr, Toby W Davies & Guy Davies
Written & Directed by Darrel J Butlin  |  Cast & Crew

Winner of an Audience Award at the Bristol Film-maker's Festival

Screened as a B-Movie at the Raindance Film Festival

In competition at the Barcelona Film Festival

In competition at the Bath Film Festival

About Me

“Combining film and new technology to originate exciting multi-disciplinary projects that bring new experiences to new audiences.”

Founded on an international track record of working at the highest level of the independent and commercial film industry, I am an award-winning film-maker and creative industries innovator.

My writing and film directing career began in 1992 with a successful short animation. Whilst in London, I later participated in diverse collaborative projects, working within Higher Education, Live Arts & Independent Cinema.

Having demonstrated ability in digital film, I moved from Soho to Switzerland where I made the transition from high-end post-production artist to Commercials Director, generating a cutting-edge portfolio of Music Videos and Commercials for Cinema and TV. Softimage and Avid later used my film portfolio for their training materials and at trade show events IBC, NAB & Siggraph. 

Winner of the South West Regional Development Agency’s Innovation Award in 2004, Eyebrid Blaze was setup to develop a 4K Digital camera for feature film production at a time when the industry was switching from film to Digital. Digimator attracted investment from the Animation company Bolex Brothers and Cosgrove Hall Films who  later purchased 8 Digimator systems to produce Channel 5’s Rupert the Bear HDTV series.

Eyebrid Blaze subsequently won an Innovate UK award to develop an immersive fiction, the project evolved and in 2014, Mr. Bill Liao of SOS Ventures joined the team, and in 2016 #hexology was born.

Throughout, my work acontinues to evolve, attracting commercial interest from a wide range of industries, for its high-growth potential, cinematic vision and positive social impact.

"I truly feel you are a genius and possibly ahead of your time."

Gina Fucci, Managing Director at Films at 59

"You've got a great vision and I am absolutely sure you will make it big!"

Jane McCloskey, Managing Director of ITV West

"I have no doubt that I will see your name up in lights one day."

Mike Monk, Brighton & Hove Business Show

I worked with Darrel on his film ‘The Bent Penny’ which he wrote and directed. Darrel is insightful visionary and articulate, with an ability to inspire an actor to deliver a confident performance. His confidence, dynamic and collaborative approach compliments an actors need to develop a character. Darrel has an extensive knowledge of Film Production techniques: his sensitivity and control over every aspect of a film’s production enthuses the on-set team to elevate the standard of the production.

Olegar Fedoro | Actor

I worked with Darrel on his short film ‘The Bent Penny’; from audition to wrap the experience was rewarding and enlightening. Darrel was sensitive and encouraging which gave me the opportunity to relax and experiment with my interpretation of the role he had asked me to play. When offered the part, it was easy for me to accept, I knew I was working with an actor’s director. Would I work with Darrel again? Yes!!! I am convinced he will produce a fine portfolio that is innovative and captivating.

Simon Poland | Actor

I’ve worked with Darrel on speculative screenplays as script editor. I look forward to working with him in the future as he is professional and creatively ambitious. As a writer, Darrel is confident, self motivated and able to deliver. His intelligence and thoughtful approach suit collaboration. He applies himself with commitment and energy and his enthusiasm for the written word shines in his work. He maintains a high level of discipline and flair when working with an editor and has a keen eye to the needs of the reader.

Kate Byers | Script Editor

I have met with Darrel on a few occasions in the last year to discuss his work on Digital Animation Production systems and HD workflow. Although I have not worked with Darrel professionally, he does supply equipment to our animation company Cosgrove Hall. The discussions I’ve had with him suggest an individual with a rare perspective on television production, having an incredible grasp of digital technology aligned with a great eye for production and story telling.

Mark Chaplin | Director of Prod. Technology at ITV