Darrel J Butlin
Writer, Director & Post Production Digital Film Artist, who became an Award-Winning Creative Industries Innovator, CEO & Entrepreneur
Film Portfolio

Smoke City

Smoke City | Music Video Featuring Capoiera dancers, this clip was shot using steadycam and treated with artistic filters…

Stateside Hombres

Stateside Hombres | Hardtime Stylee Music Video ‘Hardtime Stylee’ tells the story of a group of musicians who plan a robbery that is carried out…


Ericsson DJ Awards | TV Commercial Light effects are used to transform 6 rotating dancers, one into the other. Their different dance styles reflect the…


Walser & Woman | Cinema Commercial Atmospheric mountain scenes are composited with watery effects, to produce a cinema commercial for the Walser mineral water…

Short Film
Three stories, linked by a penny that’s passed from person to person, their lives woven together through a strange twist of fate.
Starring Olegar Fedoro, Simon Poland, Kay Curram, Angus Barr,
Toby W Davies & Guy Davies
Written & Directed by Darrel J Butlin